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Amegan CCTV are leading the way in commercial CCTV installations. We can help you protect your business assets, and save you money in the long run.


Install a device that will stay vigilant while you sleep or while you’re out of the house. Make it easier to identify perpetrators and make insurance claims. A visible camera can also pose as a deterrent for crime.


We make sure we understand your specific objectives for a security system, and then design and install cameras that meet your individual preferences.


Get in touch with one of our professional advisors today to discuss your CCTV installation or upgrade. Call us on 01823429117 for a free quote.

Welcome To Amegan CCTV In South West England, UK

Your safety is a worthy investment. Amegan CCTV offers a wide range of security systems at competitive prices, with complete installation included. Our cameras are reliable, easy to use, and accurate. In keeping with the latest technology, they also support remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

We’re committed to each job on an individual basis. We manage the specific needs of our clients, whether the property spans a farm, a store on the street corner, or a private family dwelling.
Amegan CCTV is a security system provider, dedicated to strengthening the security of residential and Commercial CCTV properties. We stay abreast of the latest technology, ensuring intelligent digital capture of any illicit activity, and even immediate updates delivered to your smartphone.

Why install CCTV?

The first thing police will ask for when a crime is reported is whether you have an effective CCTV system and any usable footage. An observant camera operating around the clock will be the most credible eye witness, providing a timed account of the events that transpired. It will also assist in the identification of perpetrators.

Why use Amegan CCTV?

We’ve been leading CCTV installation in South West England with experience of over a decade. We welcome special requests and offer insightful advice on the technologies available to suit your requirements.

Amegan CCTV cover all aspects of CCTV installation and repair, including HD 4k cctv systems, on line storage, wireless systems, domestic systems and facial detection with email notification.If your security system needs an upgrade, give us a call on 01823429117 for a free quote.